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Disclaimer. “Dear Person”

OK so I’ve decided to write a letter each day and post it on tumblr. 

Here’s how it’s going to work. All the letters will be titled “Dear Person” and since their letters about my life, I’ll be changing the names of my friends and family just because I’m paranoid like that. So I’ll post my first letter later today and yea. If you want to track the letters their all going to be tagged “Dear Person” so you can do that whole “imma stalk you beach” bit now. I’ll also be figuring out a way to put them on a separate page on my blog. 


EnD tRaNs

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Well hello there.

K so my blog is kind of a submit a topic and I’ll talk about it, or of you internet people get to hear about what I have to say. Meaning you get to here about my drama and crazyness of life etc etc etc ad nauseum. 

Personally I think you people who have brains can think of something you would like to here. I am going to try and figure out how to use this site and be all awesome and avid but please realize I won’t post regularly. I’m kind of sporadic in anything I which keeps life interesting if occasionally stressful. 

In other news sitting behind a desk attempting to study Ancient India and Ancient China ain’t doing so well so out of utter procrastination did this blog come into existence. Serendipitous don’t you think?

My final words are:

Purple Pancakes

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